We developed guidelines on which to build the brand's identity based on concepts like experience, efficiency, human-centeredness and proximity. The main thing we wanted to communicate was “The easier the better” with a fresh, personal and honest tone.

Easing finance complexity.


Pibank is a new brand for Banco Pichincha España, a Spanish bank supported by the experience of an international finance group. The Pichincha Group is the largest private bank in Ecuador, with more than 112 years of history, and with a presence in Peru, Colombia, Spain, the USA and Panama. Banco Pichincha España requested that Erretres, whilst developing the rebrand of Banco Pichincha, also create their new online banking brand, with offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza.

the concept

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Erretres’ strategy team developed the logic guidelines on which to build the brands identity: human-centered; utility following simplicity; leading engagement through a top experience; efficiency displayed from a customer’ s perspective ; a fresh, close and honest tone of voice; a neat design; the best products for everyone.


The design team built a visual identity starting with the values defined by the strategy team. The logo, symbol, photographic style, corporate colours and typefaces had to refer back to the international brand, Banco Pichincha but without losing the ideas of simplicity, clearness and proximity, as well as the focus on the user as the main character of the brand’ s global experience.

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Erretres defined the look and feel for the main brand’ s touchpoints and advised DMA Partners and Grupo Cador teams in order to apply the brand to Pibank’ s offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza. The communication strategy and implementation was carried out by Darwin Social Noise based on the “the easier, the better” concept, one aligned with the brand’s identity and which gives it a solid value proposition.

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