Privacy Policy


1. Purpose

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) intends to stipulate the following items in relation to personal information (as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (Act No. 57 of 2003) (hereinafter the “Act”) which may be collected by FunkyCorp Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”).
(1) The methods of collecting, using, disclosing, holding and storing personal information by the Company; and
(2) The methods of contacting the Company if you wish to access or make corrections to the personal information the Company holds about you, or if you wish to state your opinion on how we have handled your personal information.

2. compliance with the applicable law

The Company handles personal information in compliance with the Act, its related government ordinances, regulations, guidelines established by the Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan and any other applicable laws and regulations (hereinafter collectively, the “Applicable Laws and Regulations”) and this Policy.

3. Collection

The Company collects the following personal information:
(1) Information which the Company obtains for recruitment and for contacting and management of prospective employees. Provided that the information in relation to the current and former employees of the Company shall be handled in accordance with the Rules on the management of personal information of employees, and thus shall be excluded from the scope of this Policy.
(2) Information obtained during the course of the Company’s business activities, including those with clients, suppliers, and contractors under service agreements.

4. sensitive personal information

Under the Policy, sensitive personal information shall mean information regarding race, religion, thoughts and beliefs including political opinions, social status, union activities, sex life, sexual orientation, medical history, criminal records and other personal information which has potential of provoking unjustifiable discrimination or prejudice. The personal information requiring special care defined in the Act shall always be included in Sensitive personal information hereunder.
Notwithstanding any of the provisions hereof, the Company does not collect or provide to a third party any sensitive personal information through this website or in any other manner unless we receive your consent or collection or sharing of the sensitive personal information with a third party is permissible under the Applicable Laws and Regulations.
If you voluntarily submit to the Company your sensitive personal information which we do not require (e.g., by submitting your resume or a job application online), it is deemed that you expressly consent to your sensitive personal information being used in accordance with this Policy.

5. purpose of use

The Company will use personal information we collect for the purposes set out below or other purposes which is obvious under the circumstances we collected your personal information or otherwise in accordance with the Applicable Laws and Regulations. (hereinafter the “Purposes”).
(1) Personal information of our clients (including potential clients) and their officers, employees, contractors under service agreements, agents and other individuals involved in the deals with the clients (hereinafter collectively, “Clients”): the Company uses Clients’ personal information for communication necessary for transactions, invoicing our fees and expenses, introducing the Company services, delivering our newsletters, inviting Clients to our seminars and for direct marketing or promotional activities.
You may at any time ‘opt out’ from receiving marketing materials from us by following the unsubscribe instructions included in each communication you may receive from us, by indicating so when the Company contacts you, or by contacting the Company directly.
(2) Personal information of suppliers, individual contractors or officers, employees, agents of companies, etc. under service agreements, or individuals or officers, employees, agent of contractors of such contractors, (hereinafter collectively, the “Suppliers”) : the Company uses the personal information of its Suppliers, etc. for the purpose of procurement, making orders or other requests and payments and for communications necessary for transactions.
(3) Personal information of job applicants to the Company: the Company uses job applicants’ personal information for recruitment-related purposes, and for contacting and management of prospective employees. The personal information may include personal information which is written in your resume or job applications you submit online, through recruitment agencies or through third-party sites such as LinkedIn or others.
(4) Personal information provided on our websites, etc.: the Company may ask our websites visitors to complete surveys for its research purposes, in order to expand our business such as improving the quality of our services or improving the ease of use of our websites, which you may choose not to respond to. Also, the Company may receive comments from visitors of websites which the Company manages.
The Company uses these personal information provided on our websites for direct marketing or promotional activities in accordance with the Laws and Regulations. Direct marketing or promotional activities may include providing you with specific information that you have requested or providing more general information about other services of the Company.
You may at any time ‘opt out’ from receiving each marketing material from us by following the unsubscribe instructions included in each communication you may receive from us, by indicating so when the Company contacts you, or by contacting the Company directly.
(5) Personal Information of individuals who request Disclosure, etc. (defined in Section 10 below): the Company uses the personal information to handle your requests.