We have decided to
break with everything



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We have all experienced a crucial rupture. And many. A broken glass, a broken heart, a broken song. We have broken with the cities we once lived in, with the places where we loved, sang, and grew up in. We have broken expectations, for better or worse: disappointing or gracefully surprising. We break our routines, rituals and traditions, create new ones that we will later destroy. We break, we create, we revive.We broke with ourselves, with stages of life, personalities or gangs. We have celebrated the present, saying goodbye to our pasts.2023 is the twentieth anniversary of Erretres. We have decided to break with everything.We have embraced rupture as a way of living, thinking, and working. Because we truly believe that when the break comes, everything is still possible. The potential of creation. Now rupture is our way of fixing things in real, remarkable, and respectable versions of the present. Towards a better future.Erretres means Rupture. Against binarism, proud of our past, living the present. Working for the unknown. Since 2003.”Join us on this path, unveiling September 2023.


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