The purpose of this project was to enhance the brand’s identity motivated by growth. The principal idea of the brand became: Keep It Simple & Smart. For the visual identity we combined the idea of emotions and growth while at the same time referencing success.

Giving finance power back to customers for the first Spanish neobank.


Bnext is the first Spanish Neo Bank. It was founded in 2016 with the purpose of giving financial power back to their customers, an idea that was brought to life in 2017 and backed by international investors in 2018, with a financing round of 1.5M€. The Bnext team came to Erretres in order to revive their successful brand, creating a scalable identity driven by growth.


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
Digital Guidelines


To launch the new identity for Bnext and position it internationally within the online finance industry, we developed several research and strategic tools. We compared Bnext against other global players to identify key elements, focus the project, and inspire the development of its identity, personality, and voice. We created the new brand platform, strategic concept, and descriptor, and defined the brand’s commitment, identified their target audiences, and specigied the brand’s core values, principles, and the brand idea: “KiSS: Keep it Simple & Smart”.

the concept

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To visualise the brand’s personality, we created a verbal and visual identity based on the combination of emotions (beauty), and growth (reason). The symbol represents both concepts by combining the form of a heart with that of an arrow, conveying growth and future successes.

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The graphic system was developed to convey flow, movement, and ease. This way, Bnext is the facilitator of future, meaning less complications and more time and power to invest in living life.


The design system was meant to be versatile for different scenarios, and the growth of Bnext both in services, and operations. Although the digital context would be the more demanding one, we developed physical corporate, and communication touchpoints.

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