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Buendía Estudios

Inspired by the magical realism novel Cien años de soledad, we wanted to position this audiovisual production company as one of the leaders of the audiovisual sector. The visual identity and storytelling was inspired by the concept of temperature derived from creativity.

Partnering Movistar+ and Atresmedia into a new audiovisual venture.


Buendía Estudios is an audiovisual production company born of the partnership between of two media giants: Movistar+ and AtresMedia. This new company aims to lead the international audiovisual sector, producing top quality movies, TV series, documentaries, and TV programmes.

Erretres worked hand in hand with Iñaki Martikorena, Creative Director at Movistar+, and Juan Ramón Martín Muñoz, Image and Creativity Director at Atresmedia to build the new identity.


We got inspired by the work of the writer Gabriel García Márquez, the ‘master of magical realism’, and a cornerstone of Spanish culture. The brand’s name is based on Marquez’s novel “Cien Años de Soledad”, and one of its main characters and family: Aureliano Buendía. Aureliano represents the creative genius, as the character created by García Márquez is born and grows with strange capacities, such as predicting the future or telepathy.

The “nacimiento” (birth) creative concept developed for Buendía Estudios is based on the name, as Buendía is a way of greeting a new day. It refers to the productive strength and the promise of new ideas when the sun rises, ideas that will conquer the world.


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A good story (the script) is the origin of every audiovisual creation, and the visual identity derives from the name of the company and the two sheets of paper that emerge from a classic typewriter.

The visual identity is based on the visual concept of “temperature”, inspired by the creative heat that comes from hispanic creatives and filmmakers. The passion of action is expressed by a bold and hot use of colour.

The creativity and flexibility of cinema production is expressed by the moment of writing the script, an idea made tangible by the use of handwriting directly on the physical pieces.


Both sheet of papers create a logo resembling a flag with a 16:9 format, the standard for home TV screens. The logo resizes and adapts to the container, representing all new communication media.


For the launch of the new brand, we designed specific industry contact points: screens rule the field. We also conceptualised and designed many entry points such as social media visuals and messages so the brand would be expressed and visualised within its context.

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