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A space to promote IE University’s vision of the future through a series of articles written by their experts.

50 Ideas to Shape the Future


The principal challenge was the creation of a webpage to serve as a space to celebrate the 50th anniversary of IE University. It had to promote the institution’s vision of the future by displaying 50 articles reflecting on the next 50 years of our future. These visions came from professional experts across different sectors, from both within and outside of IE.


Research & Analysis
Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
Editorial Design


Our solution consisted of creating a space which unifies the different content from both within and outside of the university. These are joined through the four main pillars in a navigation model inspired by the universe of articles, a web in which a user can see the whole ecosystem of the platform at once.


A repository of articles that combine to create IE’s vision of the future through the words of professionals from various sectors.


A connecting link between the different professionals, both internal and external.


The digitalisation of contents for their easy circulation via social media.


Flexible and scalable as time goes on in order to support new content and formats.


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Universe of Content

We created a navigation model based on and inspired by the concept of a universe, creating an ecosystem of articles which doubled to classify them all into one of the IE’s four main pillars: societal diversity, education, leadership, and creativity.


In order to favour and improve the visualisation of the information, we created two different viewing modes. This way, a user can decide how best to consume the information in a personalised, intuitive, and easy manner. One of these viewing modes is more visual, focussing on the images. The other is more text-based, prioritising the article and author names.

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The Book

In order to build on the success of the Next 50 website, IE tasked us with creating a book to be gifted to attendees at the event. This book had to bring together the 50 articles hosted on the website in an editorial format which reflected and further enhanced the interactive website design.



We separated the book into the four colour-coded categories of the website, making them easily visible and navegable thanks to an exposed spine, which also doubles as an eye-catching visual effect to add to the celebratory atmosphere. The book is also made with unbleached and recycled papers throughout, aligned with the IE’s commitment to minimising their environmental impact.

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Editorial Design

The layout of the pages builds on the website design with an interesting blend of digital and editorial design languages. The visual of the interconnected web of articles is included throughout and further represented through the exposed and contrasting threads of the book’s binding, visually and physically tying the whole book together with the IE’s signature blue colour. Special care was taken to optimise legibility despite the varying lengths and formats of each article, and the text is peppered with other interesting visuals in order to offer the reader regular breaks.


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