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Designing and prototyping a digital tool to help McKinsey & Company explain two of their most powerful AI products.

Representing complex machine-learning models through data visualisation and intuitive interaction.


Research & Analysis
UX/UI Design
Design System

This B2B project for McKinsey & Company sought to explain the complex mechanics of two of their most powerful AI banking products to possible clients, providing an overview of the mechanics of each product before highlighting the possible benefits. In place of the usual static presentation, we developed a fully-functioning interactive digital prototype in the form of an iPad app which could be used by the company’s representatives on the go.

In order to begin assessing the needs of the project and complete a preliminary wireframing and prototyping phase, an extensive phase of investigation was carried out in order to fully understand the intricate workings of the two products in question. This led to the creation of a minimum viable product, which was then adjusted and built upon to create the final products.

The two apps built on the company’s visual language whilst introducing a new data visualization design system in order to dynamically display important information in real time in a way which reacted with the user’s input, thus transforming the presentation into an interactive demonstration of the products’ capabilities.

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