Redefining the visual identity of Spain’s biggest paid TV provider for an array of varied touchpoints and media.

Elevating the perception of Movistar+ to position it as a premium offering amongst the competition.

Movistar+ is the paid TV offering from Movistar, which is a telco owned by Telefónica, a multinational communications company based in Madrid. After years of market growth and various international acquisitions, we worked with both Plenty and Movistar’s team to define a new identity to elevate Movistar+’s positioning within the sector. Accompanying the new brand elements is a fully refreshed graphic system which, faithful to the new brand concept, places emphasis on the expansion, transformation, and movement of the “+” symbol.

We then completed the design of a huge array of applications for various touchpoints, both online and offline, as well as on-air and off-air. As part of the process, we worked with Plenty to define and apply a design language for the motion design, as well as developing a series of simple yet easily identifiable resources for use in static applications. This was all then applied to the complex array of different applications for different scenarios as necessitated by the huge variety of content both available on and created by Movistar+.

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