Seedtag LIZ

A tool that, through AI and machine learning, is capable of understanding what is published on the web and in what context in order to define the best place to insert different kinds of advertising content.

Meet LIZ, the AI technology at the heart of Seedtag’s contextual offering


Seedtag LIZ is a technology able to analyse and understand news articles and their content through AI and machine learning. This is in order to find the best spot for advertising depending on its content. The objective was to quickly, efficiently, and visually show the quality and effectiveness of LIZ in real time.

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The main goal was to show, through a real-time data visualisation, a global analysis of advertising content while exhibiting the impressive technological capacity of the tool to process the information on what’s going on all around the world. Within our strategy, we also worked on humanising the technology. That’s why LIZ starts off by introducing everything it can do, then moves on to a 3D view of the globe with a visual navigation through our world, and then finally goes into detail for some of the territories. It shows a web of interconnected content in which LIZ can select an article and run the brand safety analysis that will determine whether or not it is suitable for contextual advertising.


LIZ holistic view of the entire network allows to create a content universe: a complete picture os the network and the relationships within it


LIZ is a capable of detecting changes within the network. This allows for the identification of key trending topics, allowing clients to position their brand against the most relevant trends


LIZ automatically identifies the need to retrain its models and uses the relationships within the content universe to do so

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This tool distinguishes when a potentially harmful topic is present and detects the sentiments of the article, allowing the users to block the insertion of campaigns in content with a negative sentiment.

By delivering ads within content, we maximize user attention.

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LIZ understands what your consumers are reading to deliver a powerful contextual approach.

Design system

We created a design system that shows the amount of data that LIZ processes in real time, creating a system of components with all the variables and types of infographics for the data that LIZ collects.

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