For this project we crafted the whole spirit for the new B2B Mobility as a Service (MaaS) company from Santander Consumer Finance, from the naming, to the brand strategy, the visual identity and the website. Under the idea of ‘We go your way’ which is the strong statement on the ambition and purpose of Ulity, we have built a brand setting its direction to build the future of mobility with an extra of adaptability, flexibility or sustainability.


Ulity as we know it today is the B2B platform from Santander Consumer Finance, but before partnering with Erretres, it was just a brief with a promising product. With the goal of defining the future of mobility, Ulity is a company that features expert consultancy thanks to a team of highly skilled professionals with their own, adaptable, and scalable software. This platform allows all kinds of companies to develop their own mobility subscription solutions, no matter their nature or idiosyncrasy. With this standout idea of flexibility, we were asked to develop the whole brand, from the platform, to the name, to the visual identity, without forgetting the digital touchpoints such as the website.


Before starting to think about how we perceive the present and future of Ulity, we identified what the main challenge was: to both compete and collaborate within the same company. Keeping in mind the potential clients of Ulity, this was an important risk to be considered: to be partnering with companies (OEMs and ride hailing services) that also have different business models for mobility which compete with Ulity.

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