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For this project we had to renew the branding and digital product by using the key concepts of “Righting the wrong in commerce” and the brand idea of “Pay it forward” which set the direction for the design. For this company in particular it was very important to take into account the fact that it was still growing and we had to give them specific tools to grow appropriately.

Frictionless e-commerce experiences in San Francisco.


Returnly is a San Francisco based company, born as a startup, offering online return services to retail brands. Some of their clients are Everlane, Outdoor Voices, Fanatics, or Greats, among others. Returnly’s business model is based on finance services. They act as mediator between the retail brand and its customers. They promise instant gratification to shoppers, and make every return a potential change for brands. After six years of set up, scale and profit, Returnly asked Erretres to revamp their brand experience by renewing their branding and digital product.


Research & Analysis
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
Technical Development


Born as a startup, Returnly has scale up considerably, both in team members and operations. Working with a young, talented, and eager team of entrepreneurs and digital context experts, we considered the company culture as a strategic asset from which to develop the whole brand experience, which would be highly transferred to digital touchpoints.

With them, we developed their brand platform: definition, value proposition, positioning, attributes, culture, vision “Righting the wrong in commerce”, the personality, and the brand idea: “Pay it forward”. These would serve as the strategic guideline for the design development.


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The brand personality goes around values such as “fair”, “frank”, or “forward”. These were visualized on the brand identity by creating smooth, fresh, and gentle forms, selecting a color palette, and typefaces accordingly. All the graphic elements and assets were elegible working for the digital context.

We were compelled to express the brand on a very versatile and flexible way. We always kept in mind that Returnly is still growing as a company, they may add new products or services to their offering, and so we needed to give them the tools to grow the brand accordingly.



The symbol and design system development for Returnly are based on the embrace of both the “return” and “forward” symbols.


The design system was meant to be versatile for different scenarios, although the digital context would be the more demanding one. We developed physical corporate, and communication touchpoints. Working on the digital context we developed the corporate website, and defined the uses of the design system to transfer the Returnly experience to their social media communities.

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Returnly is a hybrid brand operating on the digital context, so their main communication tool is their corporate website. We balanced the brand footprint, and the digital product design standards to express their experience.


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