Visa’s benefit

To build a digital platform to gain more customers and allow them to safely and easily manage their benefits and promotions account.

Visa Benefits


We were tasked with re-designing Visa’s benefits platform allowing their credit card customers to choose and manage benefits based on their needs. We also introduced a new section that showcased offers from Visa’s merchants so that their customers could benefit even more from their service.

This project is aimed for all Visa’s customers and merchants in Latin America.


Research & Analysis
UX/UI Design
SEO Optimisation
Design System


Using the findings in the investigation which involved user testing, heat maps, and the platform’s performance analytics, both the public website and private platform pages needed to be re-structured, along with a different onboarding and dashboard. This needed to be done in both Mobile and Desktop.




Active users


Processes annually

The key objective to optimising this platform was to get more customers signing up for Visa’s credit cards and getting them to benefit from the offers and promotions.

We needed to add focus on the public website, with the SEO optimised, so that users could find the page easily, and also create an internal, private portal that had to be completely restructured as a lot of users were getting frustrated with the complexities of the processes and forms.


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The private area of the platform was fundamental in allowing users to control what cards they had and with what benefits. Displaying their information and processes within one dashboard was key in giving their customers a “See all” view of their information.

From this dashboard, they could see how much money they were saving, what benefits are in process and also create and generate Certificates and Claims in order to benefit from said products.

We designed a portal that simplified all
processes so that the user could focus
on enjoying Visa’s products instead of
getting stressed and unengaged.

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The public area needed to be inspirational, dynamic and get new potential customers to see the advantages of using a Visa card. It needed to be informative and exciting, also with a large range of offers that were well grouped so that it would be easy to navigate through.

Maintaining Visa’s brand and style was key, but adding in fresh elements and content was what pushed the project forward.

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We created a design system that was scalable for all screen sizes and colours, building a strong starting point to create a platform.

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