Visa’s Market platform


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A digital platform for merchants in 28 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Visa Market Platform


Following the success of Visa’s cardholder platform, we were tasked with conceptualising and designing the digital platform for Visa Merchants. It allows brands across Latin America and the Caribbean to publish their online and offline discounts and offers to Visa’s Cardholders. The platform also allows merchants to manage and create reports on the success of their listings.


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We undertook an in-depth study of the market to look at the successes of other brands. We also drew up a map of actors to identify who would be using the platform. With this, we could begin to construct a tool that not only offered easy navigation for merchants of all technical levels, but also allowed them to segment their own customers by country, distance, age, gender, and card type.






The objective to the project was to get Visa’s merchants on to the platform and publishing their shop’s offers there. It was important to make the registration process and that of uploading an offer as simple as possible. The users come from different technical levels: from small business owners to marketing directors, and so we had to design a solution that anyone could use.

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Once the merchant has logged in, they see an overview of their account from the dashboard. From the dashboard, the users are able to reach every part of the application, as well as starting a new form to publish a new offer and view how many offers they have live or pending. The most recent live offer will have a resumed analytics report that is updated in real-time showing the success of the posting.

Visa’s merchants can post offers to people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean,
giving them more customer reach and ultimately help develop their business.


Publish a discount and target your users depending on location, age, and gender.

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We wanted users to truly benefit from the data analytics developed from each offer, so we made sure to develop insights that were genuinely useful to them based on our research.


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Public area

The public website need to spark the merchant’s interest and demonstrate the benefits of using the platform. Also showing how easy it is to create an account and get started on their first offer. Maintaining Visa’s brand rules, we designed a solution that simple, fresh and informative.

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Combining an optimised SEO and Visa’s brand guidelines.